When Is National Ex Girlfriend Day? (2023)

Did you know there’s a whole day dedicated to your former partner? Here’s everything you need to know about national ex girlfriend day 2023.

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When Is National Ex Girlfriend Day?

The official date for National Ex-Girlfriend Day is August 2nd. This falls on the same date every year.

Why August 2nd you may wonder? This holiday actually falls one day after National Girlfriends’ Day, which takes place yearly on August 1st.

The date for these two holidays never changes, so you can keep celebrating your ex-girlfriend on August 2nd year after year.

What Is National Ex Girlfriend Day?

You’re probably wondering why does National Ex GF Day even exist? Valid question!

While there’s no official definition for ex-girlfriend day, we’ve thought of two possible explanations for why it exists.

The first is that this holiday is a day dedicated to thinking of or getting in touch with your ex girlfriend. You may want to reach out to your ex and see how they’re doing or just let them know that you’re thinking of them.

Another possible explanation for this holiday is that it’s a day to celebrate the fact that you’re no longer with this ex-girlfriend. Maybe the relationship was toxic and needed to end for both of your sanity. Celebrate the fact that you got out of it on Ex-Girlfriend Day!

What Are The Origins Of National Ex Girlfriend Day?

The origins of National Ex Girlfriend Day are a bit of a mystery – no one is quite sure who first started it!

How To Celebrate National Ex-Girlfriend Day

There are no official rules for National Ex GF Day, so you can celebrate however you see fit. Here are some suggestions for things to do on this special day:

  • Text your ex-girlfriend – if you’re missing your ex on this special day, you may want to send her a little text. Keep in mind that we are not responsible for the outcome of this scenario lol.
  • Celebrate your freedom – maybe the relationship ended for good reasons. If that’s the case, today is the day to celebrate your newfound freedom. Treat yourself to a latte, hang out with some friends, or order your favorite takeout meal.
  • Go out and meet someone new – if the relationship ended awhile ago, it may be time to get back out there and start dating again. Set up a date with someone you’re interested in to celebrate National Ex Girlfriend Day.

Is There A National Ex Boyfriend Day?

There is a National Ex-Boyfriend Day and it takes place each year on October 4th. Funnily enough, this is one day after National Boyfriend Day, which is a day dedicated to celebrating your boyfriend.

Use this day as an opportunity to either think about fond memories with your ex-boyfriend, or reflect on how much happier you are now without him.

What Holidays Are There For Exes?

holidays for exes

Are you freshly single and looking for a reason to celebrate? Here are all of the special days for exes that you should make note of:

Text Your Ex Day: October 30th

According to National Today, October 30th is National Text Your Ex Day. This is a day to think of your ex, grab your phone, and let them know that you miss them.

National Ex-Spouse Day: April 14th

April 14th is the official date to let go of your grudge against your ex-spouse.

According to National Day Calendar, ex-spouses are encouraged to forgive their former partner and let go of their anger on this day. Let us know how you feel when the date rolls around lol.

National Ex Girlfriend Day: August 2nd

National Ex-Girlfriend Day falls on August 2nd each year. This is one day after the official National Girlfriends’ Day.

National Ex Boyfriend Day: October 4th

National Ex-Boyfriend Day takes place annually on October 4th.

It is celebrated one day after National Boyfriends Day, which is a day dedicated to boyfriends.

National Break Up Day: June 10th

June 10th has been declared to be National Break Up Day. If you’re looking for a day to end a relationship, you can’t find a better day than this one.

Other Useful National Relationship Days

Now that you know all of the days for exes, you’re probably wondering if there are holidays for people in relationships. Here are some of the most useful relationship days that you should know:

January 26th – National Spouses Day

April 15th – Husband Appreciation Day

August 1st – National Girlfriends Day

August 18th – National Couples Day

September 18th – Wife Appreciation Day

October 3rd – National Boyfriends Day

In this post, we went over everything you need to know about National Ex Girlfriend Day.

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