What Does IGH Mean In Text? (5 Possible Meanings)

Are you trying to decipher what IGH means in texts? Here are some common (and less common) answers for what does IGH mean in texts.

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what does IGH mean in text

With thousands of text abbreviations and acronyms out there, it’s sometimes hard to know what they all stand for.

In most cases, you can decipher the meaning of a term like ‘igh’ or the abbreviation IGH by considering the context in which it is used in a conversation.

In case this is the first time you’re seeing “IGH” in text, here’s a breakdown of the most common meanings of this phrase/acronym.

The Most Common Meanings For IGH In Text

In most cases, using ‘igh’ or IGH in a text refers to something being okay or as a shortened version of ‘alright.’

The term can also be used as an abbreviation that means ‘I’m going home.’ It is an informal way of conversing with someone you are familiar with, like friends or family. 

Informal Way Of Saying Alright (Like Okay Or Alright)

The most common meaning for “igh”, especially over text, is ‘alright’. Especially if the term is typed in small letters, not capitals.

It’s the slang or shortened version of agreeing with something.

Still, ‘igh’ should be read in this context to confirm its meaning. For example:

  • Hi. You igh?
  • Igh, thanks.
  • My parents are cool with me going to the party. Catch a lift with you, igh?
  • No prob. Pick you up in 5, igh?
  • Igh, thanks!

I’m Going Home

Another common use of IGH in a text is to mean, ‘I’m going home.’

Not only is it used in texting, but it’s also commonly used in RPG games when players want to indicate a rendezvous point.

For IGH to refer to someone who plans on heading home, it should be used in the appropriate context and usually typed in capital letters. For example:

  • It’s getting late, IGH.
  • What are you up to later? IGH.
  • IGH – you want to meet up there?
  • This party is lame, IGH.

Less Common Meanings For IGH

If a message includes ‘igh’ or IGH yet does not refer to anything being okay or someone going home, it is best to confirm its meaning with the text sender.

There are various other explanations for IGH, some of which are inappropriate in a respectful conversation.

Among the multiple meanings, it could reference the following:

  • Inhuman Growth Hormone
  • Institute For Global Health
  • I Go To Hell

However, these meanings are less likely since they are not typically used in everyday texts. 

Inhuman Growth Hormone

It should be noted that scientists typically refer to human growth hormone (the proper abbreviation is hGH) rather than inhuman growth hormone.

An hGH, also known as somatotropin, is a hormone that allows children to grow and aid in adults maintaining their body structure. It also plays a role in a person’s metabolism. 

In the context of fauna and flora, one would use the abbreviation GH to refer to a similar growth hormone.

An ‘inhuman growth hormone’ (IGH) will therefore refer to a hormone that allows something that is not classed as a human being or other living species to grow and develop.

An inhuman is generally known to be a fictional character or superhero. 

Depending on the nature of the correspondence, IGH is thus more than likely referring to the growth hormone of the superhuman race (e.g., Marvel characters). For example:

  • I wish I had Wolverine’s IGH!
  • The Incredible Hulk’s IGH works at 100 times the average rate when he gets angry.
  • If IGH was confirmed, we could have the choice to be practically immortal.

Institute For Global Health

Global health refers to research and practices that aim to improve all citizens’ health worldwide.

An institute for global health is an organization, typically linked to a university or government office, that works to plan and implement these efforts and strategies for better healthcare.

Therefore, a message’s abbreviation ‘IGH’ might refer to a specific health establishment. For example:

  • The university’s IGH has done tremendous work in promoting flu prevention.
  • The IGH offers prospective students a range of courses in select areas of global health.
  • University College London’s IGH has changed countless lives over the decades. 

Regarding health, IGH could also refer to an illness, like Impaired Glucose Homeostasis or Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis.

I Go To Hell

In a more informal context, IGH could mean, ‘I go to hell’ to express the consequences of doing something illegal or immoral.

It can also convey being in an unfavorable place or situation. For example:

  • If I cheat on the test, IGH.
  • IGH rather than lie on someone’s behalf.
  • If my parents force me to attend a boarding school, it’s the same as IGH.

How To Respond To IGH In Text

How you respond to ‘igh’ or IGH in any textual conversation depends on the meaning you think it conveys. 

If the dialogue’s context allows you to believe that ‘igh’ is used as an alternative to ‘alright,’ you can respond in several ways.

The most suitable reply will depend on whether the person is asking you a question or making a statement.

For example, if someone texts you, ‘hey man, are you igh?’ the appropriate response would be ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ depending on your mood or well-being.

If you ask someone a question and they respond with ‘igh,’ it means yes or simply a reply to concur with what you said. In other words, all is okay or good.

In these cases, you can also respond with an ‘igh’ or leave it at that since a reply is not always necessary.

If ‘okay’ doesn’t fit within the discussion where IGH has been used, it is safer to clarify the meaning.

Even if you are reluctant, not wanting to seem ill-informed, it is a lot better than a misunderstanding over the definition of a term.

You could even end up in a pretty embarrassing predicament if the text sender implied something totally different with IGH than what you assume.

Final Thoughts

With so many abbreviations and acronyms being used in texts nowadays, it is understandable to be unfamiliar with some, like ‘igh’ or IGH.

This abbreviation mostly means okay or ‘alright.’

Sometimes it also refers to ‘I’m going home.’

If unsure, consider the context of the conversation or ask the sender of the particular text to clarify its meaning.

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