100+ Short Four Word Quotes To Inspire You

This post is about short four word quotes that will inspire you to live your best life.

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Are you looking for the best short and inspirational 4 word quotes?

Sometimes the shortest quotes make the biggest impact on our daily life. Rather than use a bunch of filler words and fluff, these short quotes keep things simple and to the point.

I’ve rounded up over 100 of the best short quotes about life, love, motivation, travel, and more. These quotes are easy to remember, deep, and very meaningful.

4 Word Short Quotes About Life

Staying positive has the power to completely change your life. Here are some short four word quotes about life that are positive, uplifting, and inspiring. These quotes will help you see the brighter side of life and keep you motivated.

Four word quote beautiful minds inspire others
Rise by lifting others quote
Reminder make your life sweet
  1. “Beautiful minds inspire others”
  2. “Life is so short”
  3. “You only life once”
  4. “Lets do this now”
  5. “Dreams never tell lies”
  6. “Listen more, speak less”
  7. “Dare to live life”
  8. “Wake up and live”
  9. “Don’t get even. Heal”
  10. “Make your life sweet”
  11. “You are not alone”
  12. “Own less, live more”
  13. “Just smile and wave”
  14. “Tell someone they matter”
  15. “It’s never too late”
  16. “Rise by lifting others”
  17. “Let’s change the world”
  18. “You are your choices”
  19. “Faith can move mountains”
  20. “Happiness is a drug”
  21. “We’re in this together”
  22. “Young, wild, and free”

Short Four Word Quotes About Love

Love is a hard feeling to put into words sometimes. Here are my favorite short four word quotes about love that will help you express what you’re feeling.

My heart chose you four word quote about love
Love passionately live loudly
Love is an adventure quote
  1. “You’re all I want”
  2. “You are my person”
  3. “My heart chose you”
  4. “Love should not hurt”
  5. “Forever you and me”
  6. “I’ll be loving you”
  7. “You are my sunshine”
  8. “Love passionately, live loudly”
  9. “Life teaches, love reveals”
  10. “My paradise is you”
  11. “Love is an adventure”
  12. “It was always you”
  13. “You’re my happy place”
  14. “Love lifts my soul” -Araceli M. Ream
  15. “Love of my life”
  16. “Ultimately love is everything” -M. Scott Peck

Motivational 4 Word Quotes

Need a little extra motivation in your life? Here are some short inspirational quotes that will keep you motivated and productive.

Success is 99% failure quote
Create your own magic
Don't ever give up four word quote
  1. “Success is 99% failure”
  2. “Be brave, take risks”
  3. “Create your own magic”
  4. “Courage doesn’t always roar” -Mary Anne Radmacher
  5. “Don’t just exist, live”
  6. “If not now, when?”
  7. “Think about things differently”
  8. “Always trust your intuition”
  9. “Let failure inspire you”
  10. “Reach for the stars”
  11. “No pressure, no diamonds”
  12. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”
  13. “I know you can”
  14. “Don’t ever give up”

Short Quotes About Travel

Do you have an incurable case of wanderlust? Then these short four word quotes are for you!

Here are my favorite short quotes about traveling, adventuring, and taking vacations.

All I need is vitamin sea quote
Adventure fills your soul short motivational quote
Work less travel more
  1. “Collect moments not things”
  2. “Work, save, travel, repeat”
  3. “Work less, travel more”
  4. “Life is a beach”
  5. “Adventures fill your soul”
  6. “Travel to find yourself”
  7. “Life is a journey”
  8. “I need vitamin sea”
  9. “Leave your comfort zone”
  10. “Travel sets you free”
  11. “The beach fixes everything”
  12. “Leave only footprints behind”

Inspirational Quotes About Work

Need some extra motivation at work to get you through the day? These short and meaningful quotes about work are only four words long, but they make a big impact!

  1. “Do what you love”
  2. “Work smarter, not harder”
  3. “Talent works, genius creates” -Robert Schumann
  4. “Don’t think, just do”
  5. “You have the power”
  6. “Work hard, stay humble”
  7. “Lets do this now”
  8. “Small steps every day”
  9. “Cut yourself some slack”
  10. “Everything is a choice”
  11. “That’s not my job”
  12. “Work hard, play hard”
  13. “Is it Friday yet?”

Famous 4 Word Quotes

Some of the wisest quotes have been said by famous people throughout history. Some of these quotes are thousands of years old, but they still stand the test of time!

Here are some of the best four word quotes from famous figures in history.

Live and let live
Beginnings are always messy
Daily motivation no feeling is final quote
  1. “And still I rise” -Maya Angelou
  2. “Beginnings are always messy” -John Galsworth
  3. “What’s done is done” -William Shakespeare
  4. “This too shall pass” -The bible
  5. “Wisdom begins in wonder” -Socrates
  6. “Live and let live” -Dutch proverb
  7. “Be curious, not judgemental” -Walt Whitman
  8. “Fortune favors the bold” -Virgil
  9. “No feeling is final” -Rainer Marie Rilke
  10. “Don’t worry, be happy” -Bobby McFerrin
  11. “Look before you leap” -Charlotte Bronte
  12. “Whatever happens, take responsibility” -Tony Robbins
  13. “Honesty is the best policy” -Edwin Sandys
  14. “Be still and know” -The bible
  15. “Dance lightly with life” -Jonathan Lockwood Huie
  16. “Nothing succeeds like success” -Walter Winchell
  17. “Live long and prosper” -Star Trek

Funny/Random Four Word Short Quotes

Not every quote has to be deep or meaningful! Sometimes the best quotes are just funny or completely random. Here are some totally random and hilarious short four word quotes.

  1. “Don’t eat yellow snow”
  2. “Life’s short, party naked”
  3. “Everybody Wang Chung tonight”
  4. “Yes, no, maybe so”
  5. “Proud to be weird”
  6. “You deserve more bacon”
  7. “Don’t ever be normal”
  8. “Fifty shades of tired”

This post was all about the best short four word quotes to inspire you.

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