25 Flirty Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Looking for some cute and flirty bets to make with your boyfriend? Here are 25 of the best bets you two can make together.

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flirty bets to make with your boyfriend

Flirty Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

So what happens when you lose a bet with your boyfriend? A romantic and flirty consequence is in order!

Here are some flirty bet consequences that you can use when betting with your boyfriend.

teen couple kissing

1. Winner Gets A Kiss

One of the best flirty bets to make with your boyfriend is to have the loser kiss the winner. My boyfriend and I do this bet all the time because it’s a win-win. We’ll bet on something casual and the winner gets a kiss from the loser.

Unlike some of the other consequences on this list, there’s really no inconvenience to the loser. It’s just a silly and romantic thing we can do together to keep our relationship fun.

2. Loser Gives The Other Person A Massage

Another romantic consequence for a bet with your boyfriend is to have the loser give the winner a massage.

Bet on something fun, and the loser has to give the winner a 20 minute massage.

If you want to make it extra romantic, make sure you include massage oil, calming music, and maybe even light a nice scented candle.

3. Winner Picks The Next Date

One super cute bet to make with your boyfriend is to have the winner pick out the next date that you two go on. This is another bet idea that’s kind of a win-win because you both get to enjoy a fun date together.

Have the winner pick out every single detail of the next date, including the activity you do, restaurant you eat at, movie you watch, etc.

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4. Winner Picks A Bedroom Activity

Looking to really spice things up? Make a bet with your boyfriend where the winner gets to pick a bedroom activity for the two of you.

If there’s a certain activity you’ve been wanting to try, this is the perfect bet idea for you.

Make sure that you both are 100% comfortable with the outcome though! Even if you won a bet, you still shouldn’t pressure anyone into doing something they don’t want to do.

5. Loser Has To Send A *Spicy* Photo

Are you a long distance couple making fun bets over text? A perfect flirty bet consequence would be having to send a sexy photo to the winner.

Make sure you’re both totally comfortable taking these kinds of photos before you make this bet. Not everyone is comfortable taking pictures of themselves and you should respect the other person’s boundaries!

6. Winner Picks The Loser’s Outfit

Another flirty bet idea for couples is to have the winner pick out an outfit for the loser to wear.

You could definitely go a few different directions with this bet idea. You could pick out something funny and embarrassing for the loser to wear OR make them wear something super sexy.

7. Winner Chooses The Next Vacation Destination

Are you a couple that likes to go on trips together? Have the winner of the bet pick out your next vacation destination.

I like this bet for couples because it’s super high stakes but also still really fun! The winner gets their dream vacation but the loser still gets to go and enjoy it with them.

8. Loser Writes A Daily Love Letter To The Winner For A Week

Looking for a super sweet consequence for a bet? Make the loser write a love letter to the winner every day for a whole week.

I absolutely LOVE getting sweet letters from my boyfriend. I definitely need to have this be our bet consequence the next time we’re betting on something.

9. Winner Gets Three Wishes

Do you ever wish your boyfriend could be like a genie and do whatever you want him to do? Now’s your chance to live out your fantasy!

Make a fun bet and have the loser fulfill three of the winner’s wishes. Obviously your boyfriend isn’t a real genie so make sure your wishes are actually possible to fulfill.

This is your chance to ask for something you wouldn’t normally ask for. Have him give you a foot massage, drive you around for the day, make you a meal, etc.

Food Related Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

teen couple baking in the kitchen

10. Loser Makes Dinner

Are you always the one making dinner? Get your boyfriend to make dinner for you by making that be the consequence of losing a bet.

Make sure you keep him company while he works in the kitchen. You can even help him out a little bit if he’s totally new to cooking. This fun little bet will definitely turn into a special bonding moment for the two of you.

Want to up the stakes a bit? Make a rule where the loser wears nothing but an apron while they’re cooking.

11. Loser Buys Coffee

My favorite bets for couples are ones that turn into dates. Having the loser buy coffee for the winner is perfect because it automatically turns into a coffee date for the two of you.

One of my favorite dates with my boyfriend is when we grab to-go coffees and take a walk with them. We end up having great conversations and growing closer together on our little coffee walks.

12. Winner Decides Where To Eat For Dinner

Not feeling like cooking tonight? Make a bet and have the winner decide what restaurant to eat at for dinner!

This is another example of a bet that turns into a fun date for the two of you. A total win-win for everyone involved.

13. Loser Has To Eat Something Super Spicy

Want to turn up the heat? Make a bet where the loser has to eat something super spicy.

Have the person who loses the bet eat a hot chili pepper or something soaked in hot sauce. Just make sure you have plenty of milk nearby to cool down your mouth!

14. Loser Does The Dishes After Dinner

Want to make a bet with your boyfriend that also helps keep your house tidy? Have the loser of the bet do the dishes after dinner!

I don’t know about you, but dishes are one of my least favorite chores to do. It’s so nice when someone else does the dishes for a change, so this would be the perfect bet for me.

15. Loser Pays For Takeout

Having a cozy night at home with your boyfriend? Have the loser pay for your takeout or food delivery! The best part about this bet is that neither of you have to do any cooking. I’d say that’s a win-win.

This bet idea also works for long distance couples. The loser has to pay for the winner’s food delivery. You could either have them order it themselves on the app or just Venmo request them after you place an order!

16. Loser Has To Eat A Mystery Food Item

I hope you have a strong stomach for this bet idea! One of the funniest bets to make with your boyfriend is to have the loser eat a mystery food item.

The winner gets to choose a random food item for the loser to eat. There are no real rules to this, but make sure that the loser doesn’t see what it is before they have to eat it.

Funny Bet Ideas To Make With Your Boyfriend

Looking for bet ideas for couples that are lighthearted and fun? Here are some funny bets to make with your boyfriend that will have you both laughing.

teen couple hugging

17. Loser Has To Wear The Other Person’s Clothes

One funny bet idea for couples is to have the loser wear the winner’s clothes. If your boyfriend loses the bet, you’ll get to pick out one of your outfits for him to wear.

You two can decide on how long and in what context the loser has to wear the outfit for. Maybe you just want them to wear it around the house for an hour or maybe you’ll require them to do it somewhere public. It’s up to you two!

18. Loser Has To Sing A Song

Another funny bet idea is to have the loser sing a song to the winner. The winner will pick out any song for the loser to sing to them. Bonus points if you get it on video!

19. Loser Has To Wear A Funny Outfit In Public

One of the funniest bet ideas is to have the loser wear a ridiculous outfit out in public.

A cute way to do this is take a trip to the thrift store and pick out some crazy clothing items. Then make a bet where the loser has to wear the outrageous clothes you picked out for the day.

20. Loser Has To Go Streaking

Looking for a super high stakes bet to make with your boyfriend? Make a bet where the loser has to go streaking!

For those who aren’t familiar with streaking, it’s basically where you run through a public place without wearing any clothes.

Obviously this is against the law, so make sure you have the bet take place somewhere a little bit more private. Have the loser streak through the house or the backyard if you don’t want to get caught.

21. Loser Has To Prank Call Someone

Another funny bet idea is having the loser make a prank phone call. It can be to someone you know or just dialing a completely random number!

Here are some funny prank call ideas if you’re having trouble coming up with something to say.

22. Loser Has To Tell An Embarrassing Story

This is a great idea for a bet to make with your boyfriend over text. The loser has to tell a story about one of their most embarrassing moments.

Not only is this super funny, but it’s also a great bonding experience! You’ll definitely learn something new about each other from this bet.

23. Loser Has To Do What The Winner Says For A Day

Have you ever wanted your own personal assistant for the day? That’s basically what you’ll get if you win this bet idea!

For this bet, the loser has to do whatever the winner says for an entire day. It can be practical things like cooking and cleaning, or outrageous things like doing funny dances and eating crazy foods.

The stakes are really high for this one, so make sure you’re really confident that you’ll win before you suggest this bet!

24. The Loser Does A Funny TikTok Dance

Another super funny bet idea for couples is to have the loser do a dance. There are a ton of dance routines on TikTok that you can follow along with, so just choose one of those!

Make sure you get it on video so you have some silly blackmail ;).

25. Loser Drives For The Day

Do you want your own personal chauffeur for the day? Make a bet and have the loser be the driver for the day!

Obviously this bet only works if you both are old enough to drive and have a drivers license.

Things To Bet On With Your Boyfriend

Now that you have some cute and flirty bets to make with your boyfriend, you need to decide what to bet on! Here are some fun ideas for what to bet on with your boyfriend:

  • Bet on events: make bets on which team will win a sports game, who will win in a celebrity award show, etc.
  • Physical challenges: who runs the fastest, jump the highest, do more pushups, win in arm wrestling, etc.
  • Bet on TV Shows: which contestant will win the reality show, which characters will fall in love by the end of the show, etc.
  • Bet on your friends: make bets on which friend will show up late to a party, which one will break up with their significant other, etc.
  • Place bets on who is right: if you and your boyfriend are disagreeing on something, make a bet on who is right and then figure out the correct answer.
  • Bet on who will win an activity: place bets on who will win out of the two of you in a video game, a game of pool, monopoly, etc.
  • Food-based bets: who can make the better food item, who can eat something the fastest, etc.

Examples Of Things To Bet On With Your Boyfriend

We’ve talked about what kind of bets to make with your boyfriend. But maybe you need some more specific examples on what to bet on.

Here are some fun things to bet on with your boyfriend. Keep in mind, these are all casual bet ideas that shouldn’t be taken too seriously!

  • Bet on who will win this season of the Bachelor / Bachelorette
  • Bet on who will be late and who will be early for a party that you’re throwing
  • Make a bet on what the weather will be the next day
  • Bet on if your flight or train is going to be delayed
  • Bet on who will win in an arm wrestling competition
  • Make a bet on who will fall asleep during a movie
  • Bet on who can type the most words per minute (check your time on play.typeracer.com)
  • Bet on who can drink a glass of water faster

This post was all about the best bets to make with your boyfriend. I hope this inspired you to make some funny, romantic, or just downright outrageous bets with your boyfriend.

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