8 Cute Locker Decor Ideas You’ll Want To Copy This School Year

Want your locker to stay cute and organized this school year? Here are 8 of the absolute best locker decor ideas that you’ll want to recreate.

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locker decoration ideas

One way to show off your personality at school this year is to decorate your locker.

While most schools don’t allow you to decorate the outside of your locker, the inside is usually fair game!

From mirrors to magnetic wallpaper to chandeliers (!!), this post will give you the absolute cutest and most unique locker decor ideas.

You’ll always have a smile on your face when you open up your locker with these cute ideas.

The Best Locker Decor Ideas

1. Butterflies And Vines

butterflies and vines locker decor
Source: Pinterest

Want your locker to feel extra magical every time you open it? Add in some fun decor like butterfly decals, vines, and a cute mirror.

It’s also a genius idea to add a magnetic light to the top of your locker! That way you’ll be able to easily find what you need in between classes.

Recreate this cute locker decor idea:

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2. Snack Locker

Do you always get a little hungry throughout the school day? It’s such a smart idea to add some magnetic shelves to your locker to store some little snacks.

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Fill them with things like granola bars, gum, hand sanitizer, and some breath mints. You’ll have the most well-stocked locker in school!

3. Twinkly Lights Locker Decor

twinkly lights locker decor
Source: Pinterest

One way to keep your locker decor low-key but still really cute is to add some twinkly lights.

Not only are they adorable, but they’ll also help you find your items in your locker more easily.

Just make sure to get battery-powered lights when you’re shopping for twinkly lights. You definitely won’t have an outlet in your locker to plug normal lights into!

Copy this locker decor idea:

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4. Wallpapered Locker Decor

One super easy way to add some personality to the inside of your locker is to hang some magnetic wallpaper.

Removable wallpaper comes in SO many different colors and patterns, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that fits your aesthetic.

And once your wallpaper is hung, you can just decorate right on top of it with magnetic containers, stickers, etc!

Here are some cute wallpaper options for school lockers:

5. Mirrors And Magnets

magnet school locker decor
Source: Pinterest

Want a super cute locker without spending a ton of time on it?

Just add some fun magnets and a magnetic mirror to the inside! This is also a great idea for anyone who is a bit indecisive because it’s super easy to change up throughout the school year!

Here are some cute options for recreating this locker decor look:

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6. Locker Photo Collage

photo collage locker decor
Source: Pinterest

How adorable is this photo collage locker? Seeing all of your friends and family will definitely put a smile on your face every time you open your locker.

Just print out some pictures from your phone camera roll or start taking pictures on a polaroid camera!

7. Locker Chandelier

chandelier locker decor
Source: Pinterest

Can you believe they make little chandeliers specifically for lockers? These adorable chandeliers are actually magnetic so they stick really easily to the tops of lockers.

Add some shelves, a mirror, and a little memo board and you’ll be ready to take on the school year!

Recreate this cute locker idea:

locker chandelier

8. Minimalist Locker Design

minimalist locker decor
Source: Pinterest

Here’s a super realistic locker decor idea. Because you don’t need a ton of decorations to make your locker look nice!

Just add a nice locker shelf and some magnetic containers to the inside of the door. This will help you keep your locker clean and organized throughout the school year.

Recreate this minimalist locker decor idea:

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This post was all about the cutest locker decor ideas to recreate this school year.

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