23 Cute Painted Senior Parking Spot Ideas For 2023

Are you looking for ideas for what to paint on your senior parking spot? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 23 super cute senior parking spot ideas for 2023.

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Materials Needed To Paint A Senior Parking Spot

  • Broom to sweet off any rocks or debris on your parking spot.
  • Paint scraper for getting last year’s paint off of the parking spot.
  • Chalk to draw out your design before you start painting.
  • One gallon of latex exterior paint for the background color.
  • Pints or smaller sample pots of paint for details and designs.
  • Painter’s tape or masking tape for sectioning off your parking spot and creating clean lines.
  • Paint Rollers, brushes, and sponges
  • Paint Trays
  • Stencils
  • Plastic drop cloths to place under paint cans

Painting a senior parking spot is an all-day activity, so you should also bring plenty of snacks and water.

You may also want to bring a bluetooth speaker, stool or chair, sunscreen, and some type of shade structure.

How To Paint A Senior Parking Spot

Source: Twitter (@dandreaneal)

You’ll start off by sweeping any debris or rocks off of your parking spot. Next, you’ll want to scrape off any old, peeling paint from last year’s seniors. These two steps are super important for having a smooth surface to paint on.

Next, you’ll go over your whole parking spot with a layer of your background color. You could also choose to use white paint primer if you really want your colors to pop.

Repeat this step until you can no longer see the asphalt underneath.

Once your primer or background color has dried, you’re going to want to use chalk to make an outline of your design.

This is especially important if you’re doing an intricate mural that requires a lot of detail. Once you have your outline complete, you can start painting your design!

How Much Paint Do You Need To Paint A Parking Spot?

If you are painting a regular sized parking spot, you will need about a gallon of paint for the background color.

For details and designs, you will need pint sized or sample sized paint cans. Paint can get pretty expensive, so don’t buy more than you need!

If you want to cut costs, I recommend sharing paint and supplies with friends. A lot of the materials you’ll need for this project can be re-used, so split up the costs with your friends.

The Best Senior Parking Spot Ideas

1. Simple Smiley Face Parking Spot

Source: Blissfully Brooke

Sometimes less is more! I absolutely love how this simple smiley face design pops against the bright turquoise backdrop.

It’s a super fun and colorful senior parking spot idea.

2. Sun Rays Painted Parking Spot

How gorgeous is this colorful sun rays senior parking spot idea? This beautiful parking spot was painted by blogger Lola Lambchops and her daughter.

They documented their whole painting process, and I highly recommend checking out that blog post!

When doing a design like this, make sure you add a coat of primer to the parking spot before you start painting your design. This will help your colors pop in your final design!

3. Colorful Smiley Faces


I absolutely love how these colorful smiley faces look on this solid black background! The black really makes all of the colors pop.

Keep in mind that this would be a really time-consuming (and expensive) design, but the end result definitely looks worth it!

4. Finding Nemo Senior Parking Spot

How adorable is this painted parking spot idea? Squirt’s famous line from Finding Nemo is “see ya later dude”, which works so well on a senior parking spot!

5. Monogrammed Senior Parking Spot Idea

Another cute idea is to add a monogram to your painted parking spot.

Pick a cute background color, add some fun designs, and put your initials in the center for a simple but cute parking spot design!

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6. If You’re Reading This I’m Late Parking Spot Design

Source: Twitter (@ayeitsmarthaaa)

In case you’re not familiar with the “if you’re reading this” line, it’s from a Drake album. I love the idea of adding in a pop culture reference to your parking spot design.

7. Harry Potter Parking Spot Design

How perfect is this Harry Potter themed parking spot decoration? If you’re a Harry Potter super fan, you’ll definitely want to copy this idea!

8. Mountain Silhouette Design

Source: Pinterest

Are you all about the outdoors? This mountain and sunset design is so pretty and actually pretty simple to do yourself!

Just make sure you outline your design first with chalk so you have clean lines.

9. Colorful Stars Parking Spot

This colorful star design is simple, adorable, and really stands out against the black background.

You’re definitely going to want to have a stencil for the stars so that they look clean and symmetrical.

10. For Rent Sign

How hilarious is this for rent sign parking spot design? This is a great senior parking spot idea for guys.

11. Photography Senior Parking Spot

One of the best ideas for painted parking spots is to choose a design based on your passions and interests.

If you’re into photography, this camera parking spot mural would be perfect for you.

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12. Kanye West Graduation Themed Parking Spot

Source: Twitter (@jr_cantu11)

This is another great example of someone who painted their parking spot to look like an album cover. This one is based off of Kanye West’s “Graduation” album.

13. Tiffany & Co. Parking Spot

This Tiffany & Co. inspired parking spot design is perfectly cute and preppy. Make sure you get a stencil for the letters so they look neat and clean.

14. Preppy Flowers Parking Spot

Another preppy parking spot idea is to paint some giant flowers all over. Add your name and graduating year to personalize the design.

15. Oranges Senior Parking Spot

I absolutely love bold and colorful parking spot murals. These bright oranges against a coral backdrop are super fun and not too difficult to replicate.

16. Hollywood Star Parking Spot

Are you destined for the big screen? Turn your parking spot into the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

I think this design would pop out even better against a black backdrop.

17. Monopoly Parking Spot

This monopoly inspired senior parking spot idea is funny, simple, and timeless!

18. Peppa Pig Painted Senior Parking Spot

How adorable is this Peppa Pig painted parking spot idea?

19. Harry Styles Painted Parking Spot

If you’re a Harry Styles fan (who isn’t??), show it off with this senior parking spot mural. This one will definitely require some artistic ability!

20. Olivia Rodrigo Painted Parking Spot

Olivia Rodrigo is another musical artist who is huge right now. This parking spot design was inspired by one of her songs on her debut album.

21. Better Late Than Ugly Painted Parking Spot

I think this has to be one of the funniest senior parking spot ideas I’ve seen! It’s simple but it’ll definitely get lots of laughs.

22. Holy Cow Painted Senior Parking Spot

Cow print is having a huge moment this year. This cow themed parking spot is super cute and pretty easy to do yourself!

23. Spotify Parking Spot Painting

This is such a great idea for a painted parking spot. Paint your spot to look like the song screen on Spotify or Apple Music.

Then fill in the song name and album cover spots with your name, graduating year, or anything else you can think of. Such a unique and creative idea!

This post was all about the best senior parking spot ideas for 2023.

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