18 Funny Student Section Poster Ideas To Hold Up At High School Games

School is starting up again soon, which means it’s almost time for Football season! If you’re going to be cheering from the student section, you’re probably looking for clever posters to hold up during the game. That’s why we put together this list of funny student section poster ideas for you to recreate this year.

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student section poster ideas

What Should You Put On A Student Section Poster?

If you’ve never made one before, you’re probably wondering what you’re even supposed to put on a student section poster. There are no set rules for what HAS to go on there, but here are some standard guidelines to follow.

First of all, your poster should either be directed at the crowd, the players, or the opposing team.

If you want to help cheer on your team and encourage participation from the crowd, direct your sign at your fellow students. Instruct them to cheer louder, stand up on their feet, or do a certain chant.

Another student section poster idea is to write some words of encouragement for the players. You could single out your friend or significant other if they play on the team, or just write something for the whole team to read.

Your final option is to write something for the opposing team. Usually this will be something funny or sassy about the other team’s players or mascot. You can also just write something that implies that the other team will lose. We have plenty of ideas for this later down in this post, so you’ll have lots to choose from!

The Best Student Section Poster Ideas

1. Caution – Victory Ahead

student section poster
Source: Pinterest

Put your hard hats on for this one! These road work themed student section signs are so cute!

You could DIY these with some neon pink poster board and markers. Attach some poles to the ends with superglue to make them easier to hold.

These would be perfect for a neon themed student section. Don’t forget the matching neon pink construction vests with your bestie!

2. If You’re Not Cheering…

student section poster
Source: Pinterest

In case you can’t read it, this sign says “if you are not cheering go sit with your mom”. This is a funny sign that will encourage the student section to get louder.

3. Get Loud

sign to hold up at football games
Source: Pinterest

Remind your fellow students that this is their opportunity to get loud! This sign is especially funny if you go to a religion-based school.

4. We Run This Beach

high school football game signs
Source: Pinterest

Looking for the perfect sign for a tropical or beach themed student section night? “We run this beach” is a fun saying that perfectly matches the theme.

Make sure to add some fun designs or drawings in different colors! Such a cute student section poster idea.

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5. We Believe That We Will Win

student section signs for football games
Source: Pinterest

“We believe that we will win” is a common phrase that’s chanted at a lot of high school football games. Put this phrase on your sign if you want to encourage the student section to start chanting.

6. Kiss Your Streak Goodbye

student section signs funny
Source: Pinterest

Time to kiss your streak goodbye! This is the perfect sign to hold up if the opposing team has been on a winning streak lately.

This student section poster idea is perfect for poking a little fun at the opposite team without going too far.

7. You Left Your Game At Home

clever student section signs
Source: Pinterest

Another funny way to poke fun at the other team is by telling them they left their game at home. This poster idea is simple but super effective and funny.

8. Can’t Buy A Win

signs to hold up at high school games
Source: Pinterest

Does the opposing team come from a really affluent school district? Poke a little fun at that by putting “money can’t buy a win” on your student section sign.

It’s just edgy enough that you’ll get some laughs, but not too far over the line that you risk getting in trouble for it.

9. Stop Making TikToks

clever student section signs
Source: Pinterest

Seniors typically like to rile up the underclassmen at high school football games. This student section sign idea will encourage the younger students to get off their phones and cheer louder.

10. Stand Up Or Get Out

student section poster
Source: Pinterest

At certain points during a high school football game the crowd should be on their feet. Remind all of your fellow students that it’s time to stand up with this funny student section poster.

11. Show Me Your TD’s

student section sign idea
Source: Pinterest

Want to hold up a sign that’s sure to get some laughs? This student section poster has some slightly inappropriate innuendos but it’s still relevant enough to the game that it should be okay to hold up.

More Clever Student Section Poster Ideas

Here are some more ideas for things to put on your high school student section posters:

12. “You can’t stop what you can’t catch”

13. “Searched Google, still can’t find any competition”

14. “2022. The year the [Other Team’s Mascot] went extinct.”

15. “Learn to take the heat. Because you’re about to get beat.”

16. “I just hope both teams have fun.”

17. “You’re going down like my GPA.”

18. “I tried to change my password to [other school], but Gmail said it was too weak.”

Supplies Needed For A Student Section Poster

Your student section signs can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be.

All you really need are poster board and markers for an effective sign. But you may want to get more creative and add some decorations!

Here are some supplies you may need for making your student section poster:

This post was all about the best student section poster ideas.

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