55 Funniest White Lies T-Shirt Ideas For Spirit Day At School

Is your school doing a white lies t-shirt day? Here are 55 hilarious t-shirt ideas for a white lie spirit day.

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Source: TikTok (@slhsfalcons)

What Is White Lies Day At School?

White Lies Day is a pretty simple concept for a spirit day theme. Basically, everyone comes to school dressed in a white t-shirt with a lie on it. The lie is typically something funny and inconsequential.

A lot of the white lies people will put on their t-shirts are things related to school, relationships, physical appearance, or tendencies. For example: “I’m not failing geometry”“I’m a natural blonde”, or “Not the jealous type”.

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Funny White Lies T-Shirt Ideas For School

Need some inspiration for what to put on your t-shirt? Here are some of the funniest ideas we’ve seen for what to wear to white lies spirit day at school.

1. I’ll Pay You Back

student wearing shirt that says I'll pay you back
Source: TikTok (@slhsfalcons)

Are you known for ignoring Venmo requests? This would be a hilarious lie to put on your t-shirt for spirit day.

2. That Didn’t Bother Me

shirt that says that didn't bother me
Source: TikTok (@slhsfalcons)

If you take things way too personally, this would be the perfect white lie t-shirt idea for you.

3. I Talk To Girls For Their Personality

white shirt that says I talk to girls for their personality
Source: TikTok (@ocpanthernation)

One of the most popular white lies ideas is to write something about your relationship status or dating life.

In this case, this guy is implying that he dates girls based on their looks.

Think about something you do in relationships and write the opposite of that as your white lie.

4. I Think Before I Speak

white t-shirt that says I think before I speak
Source: TikTok (@slhsfalcons)

All the impulsive girlies should be writing this lie on their t-shirt.

5. I Hate Lululemon

girl holding lululemon bags and accessories with a shirt that says I hate lululemon
Source: TikTok (@ocpanthernation)

Is there a brand you obsess over? Writing that you hate them on your shirt would be a perfect little white lie.

This girl chose Lululemon for hers, but you could obviously choose any brand you like!

6. I’m Over Him/Her

students wearing shirts that say I'm over him and I'm over her
Source: TikTok (@slhsfalcons)

Are you still talking to your ex? Write I’m over him/her on your shirt and you’ll definitely get some laughs.

It’s even funnier if you both write it on your shirts!

7. I Hate The Color Pink

white shirt that says I hate the color pink
Source: TikTok (@whsgirlstennis)

The best white lies are ones that are so obvious. For example, writing “I hate the color pink” and then wearing all pink is a super funny way to get your point across.

8. Not A Horse Girl

white t-shirt with the words not a horse girl
Source: TikTok (@whsgirlstennis)

The horse girl meme is very well-known in Gen Z culture. If you classify yourself as a “horse girl”, this is the perfect shirt idea for you.

9. I’m A Good Driver

white lies shirt for high school that says i'm a good driver
Source: TikTok (@rhhsclassof2023)

We all have that friend that we refuse to get in the car with. And if you don’t have one, you probably are that friend.

Poke a little fun at yourself by writing “I’m a good driver” on your white lie t-shirt for spirit day in school.

10. You’re The Only Person I’m Talking To

Shirt that says you're the only person I'm talking to
Source: TikTok (@ocpanthernation)

If you’re the girl that always has multiple “situationships” going at once, this is probably the white lie t-shirt you’ll want to copy.

11. I Never Get Injured

white lies t-shirt that says I never get injured
Source: TikTok (@rhhsclassof2023)

Every high school has that one girl or guy who is ALWAYS in a cast or brace. If that’s you, this would be such a funny shirt idea for white lies day.

12. I Don’t Laugh At My Own Jokes

shirt that says I don't laugh at my own jokes
Source: TikTok (@rhhsclassof2023)

Listen, sometimes you need to be your own biggest fan! If you find yourself hilarious too, you should poke some fun at that on your white lie shirt.

13. I Hit The Ball Lightly

shirt that says I hit the ball lightly
Source: TikTok (@whsgirlstennis)

Another great white lie idea for high schoolers is to write something about your athletic ability. If you play sports, write a white lie about your skills, scoring, or future sports prospects.

This shirt is specifically related to tennis, but could easily be reworded for just about any sport.

14. Everyone Likes Me

high school white lies t-shirt that says everyone likes me
Source: TikTok (@ocpanthernation)

We can’t all be the most popular kid in school. Even if you’re not the most well-liked, you can still be the funniest with this t-shirt idea.

15. My Parents Love Each Other

white lies shirt that says my parents love each other
Source: TikTok (@ocpanthernation)

This one is a bit darker than some of the other white lies shirts on the list.

If you don’t mind joking about the situation, you could use a personal or family tragedy as part of your white lie t-shirt.

16. Never Dove For A Ball

white shirt that says never dove for a ball
Source: TikTok (@whsgirlstennis)

Here’s another great white lie idea for sports players. Take something that you do often and write the opposite of that on your shirt.

17. My AP Scores Aren’t My Personality

white t-shirt that says my ap scores aren't my personality
Source: TikTok (@ocpanthernation)

Do you have a habit of letting your life revolve around your grades? This would be a funny white lies spirit day shirt for you.

18. Naturally A Blonde

white lies spirit day shirt that says natural a blonde
Source: TikTok (@whsgirlstennis)

We can’t all be born with natural golden locks. Poke a little fun at yourself by drawing attention to the fact that you dye your hair.

19. I’m Chatty

white t-shirt that says I'm chatty
Source: TikTok (@rhhsclassof2023)

All the introverts will get this one.

20. I’m Not A Cougar

white lie t-shirt that says I'm not a cougar
Source: TikTok (@ocpanthernation)

If you have a tendency to date people younger than you, this would be a super funny white lie idea for you to put on your shirt.

21. Yeah, I’m Listening

yeah i'm listening white lie t-shirt
Source: TikTok (@slhsfalcons)

Zone out a lot? Here’s a hilarious white lie idea to joke about how little you pay attention.

22. I Don’t Like Guys Over 6 Feet

I don't like guys over 6 feet shirt funny
Source: TikTok (@whsgirlstennis)

Another funny white lie idea could be joking about your preference in romantic partners.

If you prefer to date tall guys, you could write something about liking shorter guys on your shirt. And vice versa.

23. I Did My Homework

I did my homework white lies tshirt
Source: TikTok (@slhsfalcons)

Looking for a white lie idea that’s perfect for high school? Pretty much all of your classmates will be able to relate to this one.

24. I’m Always On Time

I'm always on time shirt
Source: TikTok (@slhsfalcons)

If you’re always running late, this would be a hilarious shirt idea for you.

25. I’ve Been In A Relationship

I've been in a relationship white lie shirt
Source: TikTok (@lizziemfmariie)

If you’ve never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, you could make a little joke about it on your shirt for white lies day.

Even More White Lies T-Shirt Ideas For High School

Need even more inspiration for your white lies t-shirt? Here are more super funny lies you can write on your shirt.

26. I’ve never cheated on a test

27. Not addicted to TikTok

28. I hate attention

29. I’ll be ready in 5 minutes

30. I’m emotionally available

31. My phone was on silent

32. I’m on my way

33. I’m a 4.0 student

34. My parents are proud of me

35. I have a low snap score

36. I don’t use facetune

37. Mentally stable

38. I have high standards

39. I don’t pee in pools

40. Not that dramatic

41. I got into my dream college

42. I don’t ghost people

43. Not the jealous type

44. I passed drivers ed the first time

45. These are my natural lashes

46. I’m really low maintenance

47. I won’t make a TikTok about you

48. I never use self tanner

49. Never played Fortnite

50. I never friendzone anyone

51. Not a simp

52. It was just a phase mom…

53. I’m straight

54. I have a life outside of cheerleading (or whatever your sport is)

55. I’m not into football players

This post was all about the funniest white lies t-shirt ideas for high schoolers. Hopefully this gave you some inspiration for what to put on your shirt for white lie spirit day at school.

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