31 Perfect Student Section Theme Ideas For High School Football Games

Need some inspiration for your next student section theme night? Here are 31 student section theme ideas that are perfect for high school football games.

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student section theme ideas

Football games are one of the best things about high school. We always had so much fun getting a group together, dressing up, and cheering as loud as we could.

The best game nights were always the ones where there was a theme. Whether it was beach/tropical, jersey night, or neon party themed, it was always so much fun dressing up.

If you’re struggling to think of good theme ideas for the student section, we’ve got you covered! Here are 31 super fun student section theme ideas that you’ll want to copy.

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The Best Student Section Theme Ideas

1. Neon Party

Neon party is a pretty self explanatory student section theme. Everyone in the student section dresses up in super bright neon colors.

You could also incorporate glow stick necklaces, headbands, and bracelets. Such a classic and fun student section theme idea.

2. Jersey Night

Jersey night is another super easy student section theme that everyone can participate in. Just wear a jersey for your favorite sports team and you’re good to go!

3. Red, White, & Blue

Get a little patriotic with this red, white, and blue theme idea for a student section. This one is super easy to do because pretty much everyone has a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt they can wear.

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4. Black Out

Black out is one of our favorite theme ideas for a student section. All you need to do is dress in all black clothing for this one!

It may seem really simple, but it’ll look really cool when everyone in the stands is dressed in all black.

5. White Out

White out is exactly the same as black out night, but you wear all white! The white out theme definitely seems to be one of the most popular student section themes.

Another great student section theme would be white lies. With this theme, everyone wears a shirt with a white lie about themselves on it.

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6. Hawaiian Shirts

Aloha! Another popular idea for a student section outfit is to wear Hawaiian shirts and leis.

Grab a Hawaiian shirt out of your dad or brother’s closet or hit up a thrift store to find a cheap one! So easy.

7. Beach Night

The beach theme is another insanely popular idea for a student section.

This theme is great because there are so many different ways you could go with it. You could dress up in a swimsuit, as a lifeguard, or just wear a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

8. Construction Vests

Construction vests are another crowd-favorite theme idea. You can buy really cheap packs of construction vests on Amazon for yourself and all of your friends.

10. Toga

Who doesn’t love a good toga night? Grab a bed sheet and some gold accessories and you’ll be looking like a greek goddess in no time!

11. Pink Out

Pink out is another theme idea that involves everyone dressing in pink clothing. This theme is usually done during breast cancer awareness month, which is October.

12. Camouflage

Another really fun theme idea for a student section is to have everyone dress up in camouflage clothes.

13. Tie Dye

Get groovy and have everyone come in tie dye shirts to the next football game! You could also call this one “hippie night”.

14. Galaxy

The space theme has really taken off in recent years, and we can see why! Metallic colors, fun star prints, and face jewels are so fun to wear.

You could go for a regular galaxy theme, or have it be a space cowboy night and have everyone wear cowboy hats.

15. Class Color

Another super popular student section idea is to divide all of the grades up by color.

For example, freshmen would wear red, sophomores yellow, juniors green, and seniors blue. Pick any colors you want and assign them to the grades! Such an easy but fun idea.

More Student Section Theme Ideas

Need even more ideas on what your student section should wear? Here are some more of the most popular student section theme ideas for high school football games.

16. Mismatched Clothes

17. Flannels

18. Halloween Night

19. Throwback

20. Pajamas

21. Senior Citizen

22. School Spirit

23. Nerds

24. Glow Night (wear glow sticks)

25. Gone Fishin’

26. 80s Night

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27. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

28. Preppy / Frat Boy

29. Country / Jorts Night

30. Disney Character

31. Jungle

This post was all about the best student section theme ideas.

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