35 Beneficial Self Care Ideas For Teens

Being a teenager can be stressful! That’s why we put together this list of 35 self care ideas for teens to help you relax and recharge.

self care ideas for teens

Today, teenagers and young adults are more depressed, lonely, stressed, and anxious than ever. At first glance, it could be challenging to wrap your head around this fact, and it is even harder for adults. Self-care could just be the answer to teenagers’ problems or make it easier for them to cope with these high stress levels. What are some self care ideas for teens?

Self-care ideas for teen girls include journaling, meditation, yoga, taking baths, exercising, painting nails, gardening, hiking, writing, puzzles, and volunteering. For teen boys, riding bikes, playing games and instruments, hiking, working out, reading, listening to podcasts, and journaling are great.

Talking about self care to teens can be difficult, but giving them some ideas and guidance on this crucial subject could make a huge difference. Let’s look at some of the best self care ideas for teen boys and girls to make sure they receive a healthy outlet for the stress and anxiousness that comes with being a teenager!

What Is Self Care?

When teenagers feel stressed, burnt out, or overwhelmed, they often neglect their basic needs, including correctly looking after themselves. Self care is all about meeting those basic needs, which causes you to feel healthy mentally and physically. 

Nutrition, sleep, and movement all affect our brains and mental health, which is why self care is so critical, especially if you notice that your teen is starting to struggle with their mental health. 

Why Should Teens Practice Self Care?

Teenagers’ brains are changing and developing rapidly, and the activities they keep themselves busy with will follow them as they navigate through adolescence. 

This is why self care is so important to teenagers, as it could act as an anchor for resilience and stability in those uncertain times. 

The Best Self Care Ideas For Teenage Girls

self care ideas for teenage girls

Self care is especially important for teenage girls as it provides a positive outlet for their developing minds and values. Let’s look at a few of the best self care activities for any teenage girl:

1. Write In A Journal

Journaling can be used as a clever and descriptive way to let any feelings of anger and stress out. 

As more and more teenagers struggle with verbal communication, this would be the perfect alternative for any teenage girl to get rid of any unspoken and undealt feelings that may not be comfortable to discuss with an adult or other teenagers.

2. Do A Mediation

Mindful meditation has been proved to change the function and structure of the brain, and it is a great way to promote relaxation and reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression. 

A teen girl could benefit from doing meditation, and it could be learned in person or through online videos.

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3. Try Out Yoga

Another type of Eastern method includes yoga. Yoga is an activity that involves stretching, flexibility, and connecting with your body and mind. 

These things are helpful for wellness and the reduction of stress. The best way for teenage girls to learn yoga would be through a studio, but many videos are also available online.

4. Take A Bath

Taking a bath provides teen girls with the well-deserved feeling of being away from the world, while the hot water will cause any tense muscles and feelings of stress to disappear completely. 

Soothing scents and bath oils are also available, which help with calming nerves and stress-induced hormones.

5. Exercise

Exercise is an excellent form of self care. Teen girls can work out to improve their endurance, stress, and aerobic activity. 

Walking two miles each day is great exercise, and it gets them outside. It is also a natural way to help decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

6. Paint Your Nails

It’s no secret that almost all girls love painting their nails. Painting nails will boost a teen girl’s confidence and provide them with a good way to connect with themselves through expressing their inner feelings with the wide variety of colors available.

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7. Gardening

There is a reason why people treasure national parks, waterways, and beaches. There is something to a human’s relationship with nature that makes them feel good. Planting flowers or a small tree will give any person a sense of accomplishment for the day!

8. Go For A Hike

Hiking creates the perfect balance between exercise and enjoying the outdoors! While exercise will boost any teen’s serotonin levels, being in the outdoors will free them from their phones and the toxicity of social media.

9. Write A Letter To Your Future Self

Writing a letter to your future self and placing it in a secret location holds magical components. 

Writing letters to your future self enables you to realize that some of the problems you have experienced and overcome are worth so much less than it was, and it gives you a sense of accomplishment while being proud of yourself.

10. Do A Puzzle

Doing puzzles allows the brain to work, which takes those negative thoughts away. 

Even if these negative throughs only disappear for a short time, puzzles provide lots of benefits to teenagers who like to think critically and solve problems. 

11. Volunteer

The human brain is wired for giving. By volunteering, chemicals are released by the process and make us realize that giving is far more satisfactory than receiving. 

Joining even the most minor local efforts, such as soup kitchens or community centers, will create the realization that even the slightest difference still makes a difference!

The Best Self Care Ideas For Teen Boys

self care ideas for teenage boys

Self care for teen boys is evenly as important as self care for teen girls. Let’s take a look at the best self care routines for teenage boys to give them a healthy release for built-up anger and emotional feelings:

12. Go For A Bike Ride

Riding a bike provides any teenage boy with a positive outlet for built-up anger, and when done with friends, it could become a social activity. 

This will improve muscle strength and social skills!

13. Video Games

After a stressful day at school, most teen boys find massive pleasure in playing video games where they can engage positively with other players. 

Some video games require teams, which can significantly improve communication skills, which teenage boys struggle with. 

14. Play An Instrument

Learning how to play an instrument of choice is a great way to achieve the feeling of accomplishment, and especially for creative boys, it is a great way to stay busy with a positive activity.

15. Go Hiking

going for a hike in nature is enough to release a chemical in the brain called dopamine. Teenage boys will get rid of some excess energy, allowing them to become less stressed and calmer while improving their fitness levels.

16. Do A Workout

It is advised that teenage boys be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day. This will provide a positive outlet for built-up stress and anxiety, and when done with peers, it creates the perfect balance of exercise and social interaction.

17. Read A Book

Reading books is not only a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety in an overly busy brain, but it also allows room for creative expression through reading and improving language and communication skills.

18. Listen To A Podcast

As teenagers are stuck to their phones, teenage boys will benefit greatly from listening to motivational podcasts. 

Motivational podcasts are the key to getting the blood pumping before an intense workout or an important test.

19. Start A Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals will allow teenage boys to not take anything they have for granted. It will enable them to be grateful for what they have and let off some steam in a confidential and civilized manner. 

If you have a creative teenage boy, they will benefit significantly from starting a gratitude journal!

Even More Self Care Ideas For Teens

Need even more ways to practice self care? Here are some more things you can do to lift your spirits and feel more aligned with yourself:

20. Watch a sentimental movie from your childhood

21. Go shopping

22. Play a board game

23. Learn a new recipe

24. Write a song

25. Play a fun game with friends

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26. Go thrifting

27. Try scrapbooking

28. Have a picnic

29. Lay on the grass and watch the clouds go by

30. Color in a coloring book

31. Decorate your bedroom

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32. Try an arts and crafts project

33. Teach yourself a new skill

34. Go rollerblading

35. Paint a picture

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It could be incredibly easy to lose touch with your inner self as a teenager, which ultimately causes you to lose grip on what is important and what is not. The best way to deal with stress and anxiety is to know how to look after yourself in the right ways, stay grateful, and stay grounded!

This post was all about the best self care ideas for teens.

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