Coquette Bedroom Aesthetic: How To Recreate This Dreamy Decor Style

If you’re obsessed with all things vintage, romantic, and girly, you may just be a coquette girl! In this post, we’ll show you how to create the coquette bedroom aesthetic of your dreams.

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coquette bedroom aesthetic

What Does Coquette Mean?

One of the most trendy bedroom decor styles right now is the Coquette aesthetic, also known as “dollette”. This aesthetic is dominating Pinterest and TikTok right now, particularly among teenagers. With more than 900 million views on TikTok, we don’t think the Coquette aesthetic will be going out of fashion anytime soon.

So what does coquette mean? The literal definition of coquette is “flirtatious young woman”. This aesthetic is all about flirty, feminine, and romantic style.

If you want to dress like a Coquette Girl, you would wear lace, frills, and knitwear in light pastel colors. This style typically has a vintage flair to it that sets it apart from the more modern soft girl aesthetic.

Think of how the character Cassie dresses in the show Euphoria if you need some inspiration. Lana Del Ray is another popular celebrity that often embodies the romantic coquette aesthetic.

How To Recreate The Coquette Bedroom Aesthetic

If you’re obsessed with this feminine and romantic style, you’re probably wondering how to get the coquette aesthetic for your bedroom. That’s why we put together this handy guide for transforming your room into the ultimate coquette bedroom.

First, you’re going to want to decide on a color palette for your dollette bedroom. Typically, the coquette aesthetic involves lots of pastel colors and earth tones. Consider starting with a neutral base color like white or beige and adding in accents in pastels like light pink or sage green.

Once you decide on your color scheme, it’s time to start adding in texture and patterns. The cutest coquette bedrooms typically involve a lot of layering of textures like lace, knits, and frills. Dainty floral patterns are also very popular with the coquette and dollette aesthetics.

Coquette Aesthetic Ideas

Need a little bit of inspiration? Here are some incredibly cute examples of coquette bedroom ideas that you can copy for your room.

1. Dainty Floral Bed Linens

Dainty florals are one of the most popular patterns for the coquette aesthetic. These white and pink floral bedsheets would look so cute in a coquette themed bedroom.

Recreate this coquette bed idea:

2. Lace Curtains

Don’t be afraid to go overboard on lace! The lace details in this bedroom perfectly embody the coquette style.

The lace curtains and lampshade are perfectly vintage and complement the frilly bed linens so well.

Recreate this dollette bedroom idea:

3. Floral Vines

One super cute and unique way to decorate your coquette bedroom is with floral vines. You can intertwine them through your headboard, hang them from your ceiling, or drape them around your windows.

Also can we talk about how cute these pillowcases are? They’re so feminine and vintage-looking.

Recreate this bedroom idea:

4. Wall Collage

One of our favorite teen bedroom ideas is to decorate your walls with a collage kit. It’s a super cheap and easy way to cover a lot of blank space on your walls, and there are SO many different collage kits to match different aesthetics.

Also, here’s another way to use floral vines in your coquette bedroom! Just drape them over your clothing rack to make it instantly more aesthetic.

Recreate this coquette room idea:

5. Coquette Vanity Area

How adorable is this girly and vintage vanity area? If you have room for a little vanity area on top of your dresser, we highly recommend making one!

Set out a vintage tray to hold your perfumes and beauty products. Add in a heart-shapes mirror and some aesthetic containers for your cotton pads and swabs.

Recreate this vanity area idea:

6. Tabletop Decor

One easy way to decorate your bedroom is to add some aesthetic decor items to your dresser and nightstands. Small items like candleholders and a string of pearls can make a big impact and don’t have to cost very much.

Recreate this coquette tabletop decor:

7. Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to make a big statement in your bedroom. The right wallpaper will totally transform the feel of your room.

This dainty floral wallpaper is so gorgeous for the coquette aesthetic.

Recreate this bedroom idea:

Coquette Bedroom Wall Decor

Wall decor can make a big impact in the overall feel of your bedroom. To achieve the coquette bedroom aesthetic, you’ll want to include some floral vines, vintage mirrors or picture frames, lace or frilly curtains, and maybe some vintage prints.

Here are some of our tops picks for coquette wall decor for your bedroom:

Floral Vines

We love these floral vines because they’re SO versatile. Intertwine them in your bed frame, drape them over your clothing rack, or just hang them from your ceiling.

Romantic Vintage Collage Kit

As we’ve said before, collage kits are one of our favorite bedroom decor items for teenagers. They’re super cheap, easy to hang, and won’t damage your walls.

Plus, they cover a lot of blank wall space which makes decorating your walls much easier.

Vintage Wall Mirror

Vintage wall mirrors or picture frames make a huge impact without taking up much space. I absolutely love this ornate gold wall mirror for a coquette or dollette bedroom.

Lace Curtains

Lace is a must-have in any feminine vintage bedroom. Curtains are a great place to incorporate some lace into your bedroom decor.

These lace curtains from Amazon are really affordable and absolutely gorgeous.

Coquette Aesthetic Tabletop Decor

For some reason, decorating the surfaces in your bedroom is often the hardest part. You want to add some beautiful touches without making things feel too cluttered.

Here are some of our favorite coquette aesthetic tabletop decor items that will make your bedroom look totally dreamy:

Vintage Bust Vase

This vintage bust vase is absolutely stunning and unique. Fill it with fresh flowers or some realistic fake flowers and place it on your dresser or nightstand.

Vintage Vanity Tray

A vintage tray will look absolutely gorgeous on your vanity or dresser top. Use it as a place to store your perfume or jewelry.

Shell Lamp

We’ve seen this beautiful clamshell lamp show up in several coquette bedrooms on Pinterest and TikTok. It’s so much prettier than a regular lamp and it would look so cool on your bedside table.

Tabletop Carousel

How gorgeous and dainty is this little tabletop carousel? It actually plays music and spins!

Glass Jewelry Box

You can never have too many places to store your jewelry and other tiny items. This heart-shaped glass jewelry box would look stunning in your vanity area of your bedroom.

Heart Shaped Vanity Mirror

We’ve seen this exact mirror in SO many coquette bedrooms on social media. It’s definitely a staple item for the coquette and dollette aesthetic.

Brass Candlestick Holders

Candles make any bedroom feel instantly cozier. These brass candlestick holders are absolutely gorgeous and fit in perfectly with this dreamy bedroom aesthetic.

Coquette Aesthetic Bedding

Your bedding is one of the most important elements of your bedroom decor. The bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so make sure you get some cute bedding!

To achieve the coquette aesthetic on your bed, you’ll want to focus on dainty florals, ruffles, and pretty pastel colors. Here are some of our top picks for bedding that fits this decor style:

Dainty Floral Sheets

These floral sheets are SO affordable and insanely cute. I love them because you could pair them with a plain white duvet for a more scaled-back coquette look.

Vintage Patchwork Bedding

This patchwork quilt is seriously gorgeous. It would look so good in any type of vintage aesthetic bedroom.

Romantic Ruffled Bedding

To us, coquette is all about going over-the-top with everything. This bedding set has it all – ruffles, florals, lace, and pretty colors. It’s pretty much the ultimate coquette bedding set!

Elegant Floral Bedding

This elegant floral bedding set is seriously fit for a coquette queen. The colors and design are absolutely stunning!

Coquette Aesthetic Furniture

If you want to totally transform your bedroom, you’ll probably need to get some new furniture. You’ll want to look for white metal bed frames, victorian furniture, and vintage floral rugs.

Here are our top picks for coquette aesthetic furniture for your bedroom:

Victorian Bedside Table

This Victorian bedside table is totally timeless. It would look SO cute next to your bed with a vintage lamp and a cute glass jewelry dish.

Vintage Floral Area Rug

This floral area rug is totally gorgeous and looks genuinely vintage!

Ornate Bed Frame

Your bed frame is probably going to be the biggest splurge when it comes to bedroom furniture. If you have room for it, I highly recommend getting an ornate canopy bed frame.

You can decorate your bed frame with lace curtains, floral vines, or some dainty string lights.

Vanity Table Set

Not everyone needs a vanity in their bedroom, but if you do, you definitely need this gorgeous vintage-looking vanity table set! It’s so timeless and beautiful.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for how to create the coquette bedroom aesthetic of your dreams.

If you want to master the coquette design style, you’ll want to focus on feminine, romantic, and vintage decor pieces. Coquette bedrooms typically involve lots of pastel colors, mixed textures, and vintage furniture items.

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