17 Best Senior Crown Ideas We’re Obsessing Over

Looking for the best senior crown ideas? Here are 17 design ideas for senior crowns that would be so perfect to recreate!

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senior crown ideas

What Is A Senior Crown?

If your school doesn’t do senior crowns, you’ve probably never heard of this tradition. Basically, senior crowns are just a celebration of being in your last year of high school! This tradition is especially popular with senior girls, but guys do wear them too!

Students will decorate crowns and wear them either on the first day of senior year, during the first week, or certain other days throughout the year. Different schools have different traditions on when to wear the senior crown.

Seniors will typically design their crowns with their school colors, their favorite sports or hobbies, or just with designs and patterns they like. This is all about celebrating your accomplishments so make sure your crown really represents you and your interests!

How Do You Make A Senior Crown?

It’s not too difficult to make a senior crown. You’ll just need the following supplies:

  • Paper crown (you could even use the Burger King crowns they give out)
  • Paint & paint brushes
  • Hot glue
  • Decorations

To make your senior crown, you’ll first need to make or buy a paper crown. You could cut out your own paper crown out of card stock, buy a pack of paper crowns from Amazon, or go get one of the free paper crowns from Burger King.

Paint the front and back of your paper crown with any color you like. It’s important that both sides are painted because you’ll be able to see the inside of the crown when you’re wearing it.

Then just decorate your crown however you’d like! Not sure what decorations to choose? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are 17 of super cute senior crown decoration ideas.

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The Best Senior Crown Ideas

Here are the best senior crown ideas that you’ll want to copy! These crown ideas can all be made using regular supplies from the craft store.

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1. Pink Glitter Crown

pink sparkly senior crown

This pink glittery crown is so fun and girly! You can recreate this senior crown by sticking pink glitter paper onto your paper crown, using gold letter stickers to spell out “senior”, and then gluing a fluffy craft boa onto the bottom edge.

2. Sunflowers & Clouds

cloud print crown with sunflowers

How cute is this cloud print senior crown with sunflowers? To make this one, you’ll just cut out a crown from cloud print paper and glue faux sunflowers to the edge.

3. Purple Crown With White Flowers

purple crown with white flowers

I love this combination of a light purple crown with white flowers around the edge. Use some glitter letters to spell your name or your graduation year to finish off the design.

4. Simple Pink Crown

pink crown with Katie written on it

Want to keep things simple? Use some markers or paint to write your name on a plain colored crown. Bonus points if you know how to draw cute bubble letters like the crown in the picture!

5. Blue And Silver Senior Crown

blue crown with white furry trim

We love this combination of light blue and silver for this senior crown.

Recreate this look by painting a crown in different shades of blue. Then you’ll stick on some silver glitter letters. You could either spell out your graduation year, the word “senior”, your name, or whatever else you’d like.

Finish up the design with some white faux fur trim around the edge and some silver gemstone stickers.

6. Red Crown With Devil Horns

teen wearing red crown with devil horns

Looking to make a statement with your senior crown? Paint your crown red and black and stick on some devil horns to the front.

7. Pink With Fur

pink senior crown

Another super fun and girly idea for a senior crown is to make the whole thing light pink, add glitter around the top edge, and glue some white faux fur trim around the bottom edge.

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8. Colorful Floral Crowns

senior crowns with flowers

First off, how cute would it be to make matching crowns with your bestie? You can recreate these crowns by sticking multicolored flowers onto a colorful painted crown.

9. Golden Butterflies

flowers and butterflies senior crown

This senior crown idea is so elegant and beautiful. Get this look by gluing plenty of yellow flowers and golden butterflies all around the base of your crown.

10. Blue Lace

blue lace crown

This tiffany blue crown with white lace is such a unique and chic idea! Start with painting your crown a robin’s egg blue color. Then glue some white lace over the top. Finish off the look with some white ribbon and faux pearls along the bottom edge.

11. Multicolored Senior Crown

multicolored crown with the word senior on it

This simple senior crown idea is so Y2K and fun. Just make a crown out of white glitter paper, stick some multicolored letters on top, and glue some colorful beads around the high points of the crown.

12. The Office Themed Crown

the office themed crown

Are you a big fan of the Office? Cut out pictures of your favorite characters and glue them to your crown! We recommend going over the top with a layer of Mod Podge so everything stays in place.

You could recreate this crown with any TV show, movie, or celebrity you’re a big fan of!

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13. Dainty Stars

blue senior crown

Looking for another super simple senior crown idea? We absolutely love this simple but elegant night themed crown.

Just paint your crown a deep blue color, add some twinkly stars, and paint your name in cursive on the front. Add a moon and some planets if you’re feeling extra artistic.

14. Preppy Flowers

flower crown

This pink flower crown is totally cute and preppy! You can easily recreate this by gluing some white lace onto a white paper crown. Then you’ll use hot glue to fasten some pink flowers around the base of the crown.

15. Black And Orange Senior Crown

black crown

How cool is this elaborate black and orange senior crown? We love how many patterns and textures they were able to incorporate in this design.

This one would be a little bit more challenging to recreate, but you could do it with some glitter letter stickers, orange tulle ribbon, craft flowers, and some dainty flower trim.

We’re not totally sure how they added in the fairy lights to the bottom edge, but you could try to copy that with some battery operated lights.

16. Kim Kardashian Crying Crown

Kim Kardashian crown

We had to include this hilarious crown featuring a collage of Kim Kardashian crying pictures. How funny is this?

Just cut out a ton of pictures of Kim K crying and glue them down to your paper or cardboard crown. Add a layer of Mod Podge over the top to make sure everything stays in place.

17. Black And White Elegant Crown

black and white senior crown

We love how elegant this black and white senior crown looks. There are so many different design elements going on here but they all work together really nicely.

Recreate this one by painting a crown black, adding some white flowers around the bottom edge, using glitter letters to spell out “senior”, and adding a few extra white and silver decorations around the top!

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