Soft Girl Aesthetic: The Ultimate Guide To The Soft Girl Style

If you’re obsessed with pastel colors, feminine style, and cozy oversized sweaters, you’ve probably heard of the soft girl aesthetic. This trendy style has been taking over social media lately and we’re obsessed with it! We put together this ultimate guide to the soft girl aesthetic to help you get started on your soft girl journey.

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soft girl aesthetic

What Is The Soft Girl Aesthetic?

The soft girl aesthetic is a style that consists of pastel colors, feminine prints and patterns, and Y2k and 90s-inspired clothing pieces. Soft girl outfits are typically colorful, nostalgic, and cozy.

The soft girl aesthetic is all about embracing femininity, surrounding yourself with happy things, and having fun.

This trendy subculture has been seen all over social media apps like TikTok and Pinterest lately. The soft girls of TikTok are often seen sporting hair clips, pastel cardigans, baggy mom jeans, and glossy lips.

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Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

The soft girl aesthetic involves a lot of pastel colors, floral prints, and feminine cuts of clothing. This aesthetic is all about embracing your femininity and being comfortable.

These are some examples of outfits that showcase what the soft girl style is all about:

soft girl outfit with white camisole and purple cardigan
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Soft Girl Style Clothing Pieces

Are you inspired to start creating your own soft girl outfits? Here are some of the best clothing pieces to help get you started on your soft girl journey:

Soft Girl Sweaters

Sweaters and sweatshirts are a staple item in the soft girl wardrobe. Layering is a great way to add more dimension and coziness to your outfit.

Here are our absolute favorite soft girl sweaters and sweatshirts that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe:

Soft Girl Skirts

Because the soft girl aesthetic is all about femininity, skirts are another great piece to add to your closet. We really like floral, pastel, and plaid skirts for the soft girl vibe.

These skirts look perfect for Summer and Spring. You can even wear these skirts in the Fall and Winter if you add a thick pair of tights underneath.

Soft Girl Tops

There are SO many tops out there that fit with the softie style. Here are some of our favorites:

Soft Girl Accessories

No softie outfit is complete without some cute accessories. This is where you can get really cute with it and go for fun prints, bright colors, and cute shapes of accessories.

Soft Girl Aesthetic Shoes

No outfit is complete without a cute pair of shoes! White sneakers are a definitely staple shoe in the soft girl wardrobe. They go with pretty much any outfit and can be dressed up or down.

If you’re looking to add a bit more color to your shoe rack, here are some cute softie girl shoe styles:

Soft Girl Makeup Styles

When it comes to makeup, there’s no right or wrong way to achieve the soft e-girl look. Some girls prefer a totally natural look, while others like to experiment with fun colors and trends.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some cute soft girl aesthetic makeup looks that you can copy:

purple soft girl aesthetic makeup
Source: Pinterest
natural makeup
Source: Pinterest
soft glam makeup

Source: Pinterest

soft sunkissed makeup
Source: @claudianeascsu

Soft Girl Hairstyles

There are so many ways to wear your hair if you want to embody the soft girl aesthetic. Curtain bangs are really popular right now, and they look really good with short and long hair.

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Some popular ideas for accessorizing your hair are wearing it up in a claw clip, creating loose braids, adding tons of colorful barrettes, or even tying in a hair scarf!

Here are some trendy hair styles right now:

Cute Claw Clip

A colorful claw clip is a great way to achieve the soft girl aesthetic. I love claw clips because they look so effortless and you can create plenty of different styles with them.

Loose Braids

Loose braids are another popular way to wear your hair for the soft girl cottage core aesthetic. They look so feminine and effortless, and they look really pretty in lots of different hair types.

You could wear your hair half up in a loose braid or just braid the entire thing, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

Hair Scarf

Hair scarves have become super popular lately, and there are plenty of different ways you can wear them.

You can wear them in the bandana style as pictured below, tie them around a ponytail, or use them for a half-up half-down look.

Half Up Half Down

One of our favorite ways to wear our hair is the half-up half-down style. This style looks really pretty while still feeling casual and effortless. Here are some examples of this style:

Soft Girl Bedroom Ideas

Do you want your bedroom to match your style? Typically, a soft girl bedroom will have tons of pastel colors, cozy elements, and flowers or greenery sprinkled throughout the room.

Here are some of our favorite soft girl bedroom ideas from around Pinterest:

pastel aesthetic bedroom
Source: Pinterest
pastel wall decor for bedroom
Source: Pinterest
orange and green soft girl aesthetic bedroom decor
Source: Pinterest

Soft Girl Aesthetic Wallpapers

Looking for a wallpaper for your phone that matches your soft girl aesthetic? Here are some of our favorite soft girl wallpapers that you can use for your phone background. Just right click or hold down to save them!

P.s. if you need more cute wallpapers, check out our post on 45+ Beautiful Free Summer Wallpapers For iPhone.

This post was all about how to master the soft girl aesthetic. Hopefully this gave you everything you needed to get started dressing in the soft girl style!

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