45+ Beautiful Free Summer Wallpapers For iPhone

In this post, I’ll share 45+ of the most beautiful summer wallpapers for iPhone.

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Are you looking for a new wallpaper for your iPhone this summer?

One of my favorite things to do when a new season starts is to change the wallpaper on my iPhone. It gets me excited for the upcoming season and makes my phone feel more interesting!

Whether you’re looking for fun graphics, summer travel scenes, wallpapers with text, or just shots of nature in summer, we have you covered! Here are 45+ of the best summer wallpapers for iPhone.

These wallpapers are all completely free to download, so feel free to grab as many as you’d like! Hopefully these wallpapers will make you smile every single time you open your phone!

How To Download And Use The Summer Wallpapers for iPhone

These Christmas backgrounds are SUPER easy to use on your iPhone (or any phone really). To save these wallpapers:

  • On your phone: Hold down on the picture and save to your camera roll. Or just take a screenshot and crop it.
  • On Desktop: Right click and press “save image”. Open your downloads folder and send the image to your phone using Airdrop, email, or messages.

Once the wallpapers are in your camera roll, you can just go into your settings and change the wallpaper. Set them as your lock screen, home screen, or both.

If you find that the backgrounds are a bit too bright for your home screen, bring the image into Canva and add a muted overlay on top. If you’re not familiar with Canva, you can also try decreasing the contrast or playing around with brightness right on your phone.

Summer Wallpaper Graphics For iPhone

1. Juicy Watermelon Wallpaper

watermelon graphics

Summertime means watermelon time for me! If you’re a fellow watermelon lover, you definitely need this summer wallpaper for your iphone.

2. Pink Flamingos

pink flamingo graphics

How adorable would these pink flamingos look as the background on your phone? So dang cute!

3. Pineapple Summer Wallpaper For iPhone


These pineapples would make a really cute wallpaper on your phone for summer.

4. Grapefruit Background

pink grapefruits

Can you sense a theme here? Summer is all about fresh fruit, and this grapefruit slice wallpaper would look so cute on your phone for the summer.

5. Colorful Smiley Faces

colorful smiley faces on beige background

Bright colors just scream summertime to me. These multicolored smiley faces are perfect for a summer wallpaper for iphone.

6. Lemons


Okay, last fruit background I promise! How cute are these lemons for a summer phone background though?

7. Fun Flowers

white flowers on blue background

Another bright and colorful background for your iPhone. Obsessed with these fun flowers!

8. Beach Essentials

graphics of swimsuits, umbrellas, and other beach essentials

Do you dream of beach time when summer comes around? This beach essentials wallpaper is perfect for you then!

Summer Wallpapers For iPhone With Text

9. Hello Summer Palm Trees

picture of beach with palm trees and the words hello summer

How cute would this “hello summer” wallpaper look as the background of your phone this summer?

10. It’s Summertime, Baby!

picture of surfers on the water with the words it's summertime, baby!

I absolutely love the vintage vibes in this summer iPhone wallpaper.

11. Hello Summer With Leaves

dark green leaves with the words hello summer

Looking for something a bit darker and more moody? These leaves give tropical vibes while still being dark enough to see all your apps.

12. Summer Time Flamingo

flamingo graphic with the words summer time

These bright colors just scream summer time to me!

13. Good Vibes Only

good vibes only words on picture of palm trees

This blue sky with palm trees is giving me all the good vibes I need!

Summer Sky Wallpapers For iPhone

14. Cotton Candy Sunset

sunset sky

This has to be one of the most beautiful summer sunset wallpapers ever! The cotton candy colors are just stunning as a phone background.

15. Clouds And Palm Trees

cloudy sky with palm trees

Another amazing sky picture for summer is this shot of palm trees in front of a cloudy sky. The best summer wallpaper vibes!

16. Vintage Clouds


Want something a bit more vintage and moody? This grainy shot of a cloudy sky would look so good as a phone wallpaper.

17. Tropical Sunset

bright sunset with palm tree

How amazing are these sunset colors in this tropical summer iPhone wallpaper?

18. Beach Umbrellas

beach umbrellas and blue sky

This phone wallpaper just transports me right to the beach!

19. Holding The Sun

hand holding sun going down

The perfect summer sunset picture to set as your phone wallpaper!

20. Clear Skies And Palm Trees

palm trees in front of blue sky

Celebrate warm weather and sunshine with this clear skies and palm trees phone wallpaper.

Summer Travel iPhone Wallpapers

21. Coastal Italy

colorful houses in Italy

There’s nothing like summer on the Italian coast, right? This picture from Cinque Terre, Italy would make a perfect iPhone wallpaper for summer.

22. Greek Beaches

rocky beach with turquoise blue water

How stunning is this beach on a Greek island? I wouldn’t be able to stop staring at my phone if this was my wallpaper.

23. Santorini Sunsets

purple sky and colorful buildings in Greece

Santorini has some of the most incredible sunsets in the world. This would be such a stunning picture to set as your phone background!

24. Arches National Park

rock arch

Are you a big hiker? This shot from Arches National Park will get you excited for all of your summertime hikes.

25. Thai Islands

boat in front of beach

Thailand has some of the most beautiful islands on earth. This shot would be one of the most beautiful summer wallpapers for iPhone.

26. Antelope Canyon

orange rock canyon

This canyon almost looks like it’s another planet! I think this picture would be such a beautiful wallpaper for your phone this summer.

27. Sailing Trip Summer Wallpaper For iPhone

sailboat on blue water

Does summer mean endless sailing trips for you? Then this is the perfect summer wallpaper for your iPhone.

28. Lisbon, Portugal Wallpaper

yellow funicular in Lisbon Portugal

In my opinion, Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The colorful buildings and blue skies in this picture just scream summer to me.

29. Under The Tuscan Sun

green hills with thin trees

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen is the Tuscan countryside in summer.

30. Resort Pool

sunglasses next to a pool

Are you spending the whole summer by the pool? Get excited with this poolside phone wallpaper.

31. Greek Islands

white and blue building in Greece

I know, I know, another picture of the Greek islands?? Can you blame me though? They’re just so gorgeous.

32. Japanese Cherry Blossoms

pink flowers in front of snow capped mountain

One of the top things on my bucket list is to see the cherry blossoms in Japan in early summer. This would make such a beautiful phone background!

Summer Nature Wallpapers For iPhone

33. Surfers On The Beach

surfers in the water at a beach

I’m absolutely obsessed with the summer vibes in this wallpaper!

34. Flower Field

colorful field of flowers summer wallpaper iphone

Summertime means flower fields in a lot of places. This wildflower field is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.

35. Sea Turtle

turtle swimming in the water

Do you prefer to spend your time at the beach with a snorkel on? You’ll definitely want to set this underwater sea turtle picture as your iPhone wallpaper for summer.

36. Forest Wallpaper

trail through forest

One of my favorite parts of summer time is going on forest hikes. This wallpaper scene just looks so calm and inviting.

37. Waterfall Summer Wallpaper

waterfall summer wallpaper iphone

How beautiful are the colors at this waterfall? Such a stunning iPhone wallpaper.

38. Crystal Blue Water

blue water

Looking for something a little bit more simple for your summer iPhone wallpaper? This beautiful shot of water in a pool gives such good subtle summer vibes.

39. Sunflower Field

field of sunflowers

This picture of sunflowers in a field just screams summer to me!

40. Beach Sunset

sunset at beach summer wallpaper iphone

Who else can’t wait for summer sunsets on the beach?

41. Wildflower Hills Background

girl sitting in field of flowers

I have no idea where this hilly flower field is, but it’s now on my bucket list! How gorgeous would this be as a phone wallpaper?

42. Rocky Beach

turquoise beach summer wallpaper

Yes, there are a lot of beach pictures in this post. There are just so many gorgeous beaches in the world!

43. Aerial Beach View

aerial view of a beach

Looking for something a little bit different? This shot of a beach was taken from a drone for a really cool perspective.

44. Island Sunset

sunset with palm trees

The colors in this island sunset iPhone wallpaper are so gorgeous.

45. Ocean Waves

waves in the ocean

I love all of the different shades of blue in this picture of waves in the ocean. This would make such a stunning iPhone background for summertime.

46. Beach Palm Trees

beach with palm trees summer wallpaper iphone

This summer wallpaper for iPhone makes me want to take a beach vacation right now!

47. Summer Rocky Beach Wallpaper

rocky beach with turquoise water

How stunning is this rocky beach with turquoise water? This is one of my favorite pictures ever and it would make a great iPhone wallpaper.

This post was all about the best summer wallpapers for iPhone. Hopefully you found the perfect summer wallpaper to put as your phone background!

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